Marketing is crucial to the success of your event as not only will it help you to sell tickets, but it is the first impression that people will have of the event.


  1. You may be starting to experience a decline in attendance levels.
  2. You may need to reach a new target market, or re-invent your event.
  3. Possibly you need to increase your income:
    1. Your event attracts many spectators and there could be opportunities to extract income.
    2. You have noticed an increase in attendees to one particular area or on one particular day and want to continue to grow in this space. Or there might be a decrease in attendance numbers in a particular event category and you wish to reach new markets to re-invigorate that area.
  4. You wish to introduce a new category or activity into your event.
  5. Your obligations to stakeholders, funders and sponsors require the delivery of key performance indicators (KPI’s) E.g. attracting people from specific countries, or increasing national and international broadcast coverage.

Although the event marketing landscape has changed in recent years with the introduction of social media and online marketing, the foundations have remained the same.  You need to set clear goals and objectives, know your audience, ensure you are targeted with your approach and then measure the effectiveness of your marketing.  This includes tracking your return on investment (ROI).


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