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Organizations and Associations
Ave Belle

Ave Belle (Head of academy of beauty in France)

Leonhard Zastrow

Leonhard Zastrow (Dermatology center in Germany)


Dr. Lademann (Head of the department of dermatology at the Charite specialized )

Enzo Riccardi (Head of Aveda Mec beauty center in Italy)

Luigi Rigano

Luigi Rigano (Head of Rigano Laboratories Company in Italy)


Pilar Scheker

Make-up techniques instructor at the beauty center in Greece


Massimiliano Mandrini (the professor of politechnic univercity of Milan)

Javier Gabas (CEO of Libelium company)

Josep Michael Pique (Head of the science and technology parks of Spain)


yung hu

Yung Hu … (CEO of Ecolant in South Korea)

vladimir bataev

Viladimir Bataev (senior advisor of Zaz Ventures company)



Every organization needs the support of specialized scientific organizations and associations to succeed and develop more and more. CONFERIA is no exception for holding more magnificent types of specialized events and exhibitions. It has always been supported and endorsed by relevant organizations and associations, because of its ideal holding history and conditions. We are very proud to have the support of congressmen and sponsors who have a strong history of holding congress and collaborating with leading institutions in their career and we use their support to increase the promotion of the organization.

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