1.1. Overview

Maroondah City Council plans, manages and supports a range of festivals, functions and events held in Council facilities and on Council owned land. This handbook provides a clear guideline for event organisers to maintain a safe, successful and well-documented event.

There are a number of stages that event organisers must agree to undertake during the planning and development stages in order to gain approval for use of Council land.

These are:

Stage 1: Read the Events Held on Council Land Policy

Stage 2: Submit the online Event Form found here

Stage 3: Council will review the Event Form and respond with a letter of in principle support and conditions or rationale for non approval

Stage 4: Submit signed letter of conditions and all supporting material (including

Event Plan) to Council as outlined in the written response from Council  Stage 5: Council to approve Event Plan

All events will be assigned a risk level during step 3 above. If your event is deemed low risk you will receive a letter from Council approving your event to proceed, based on a set of outlined conditions. If your event is deemed medium risk you will receive response from Council that you will be required to complete an event plan as outlined in this handbook.  Within this response Council will detail the areas within this handbook that you must cover to complete your event plan. If your event is deemed a high risk it will not be able to proceed on Council Land.

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